Hi, my name is Maria and I'm a Graphic Designer. I have a passion for all things design which has led me to have a diverse background. I received my BS in Landscape Architecture from California State Polytechnic University Pomona in 2012. 
Once I graduated from college, I founded a small creative studio in Los Angeles with a group of designers. I managed a variety of projects, including everything from branding and identity, to product design. As a result of this experience, I not only learned to be an adept designer and leader, but also learned the ins and outs of running a design business.
Most recently, the majority of my work has been centered around UX/UI design and Branding & Identity. I enjoy solving complex problems and creating design solutions in the are dynamic, beautiful, functional and intuitive.
My multidisciplinary perspective has taught me how design with humility, and to always think of the greater system when addressing individual elements.  I use my diverse background to more deeply understand the many facets of design, and to give me the perspective to meet my clients needs. 
In my free time, my partner and I enjoy creating new episodes of our podcast "Creative Honey", where we delve into many creative topics, talk about our experiences in the industry, and have the opportunity to interview amazing creative professionals.
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